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You have distinctive desires – and design considerations – for your home. You demand top-notch performance from every element of your new home or remodeling project. And that’s where Corian® truly shines. Its proven performance more than fulfills expectations, reflecting well on your choice – and on you – for years to come.

Your environment will be as distinctive and expressive as you want it to be when you use Corian®, a material with many faces. It’s always approachable, warm and inviting. Whether you use it as a central design element or as an accent, Corian® adds both style and sensibility to every project.

The natural translucency of Corian® allows it to contribute drama and definition to any installation. When backlit, Corian® glows. Surfaces become more luminous-lighter colors are warmer, softer; darker tones become richer, deeper. This quality translates to many applications, including interior and exterior lighting, inlaid fiber-optics, wall panels and other uses. Working with Corian® is truly an illuminating experience.

You’ll find that Corian® “plays well with others.” Friendly and approachable, it blends beautifully with whatever it’s paired with. Corian® is just as comfortable in a supporting role as it is taking center stage-it can be as quiet or as bold as it needs to be.

Corian® combines beautifully with chrome, stainless steel, wood, glass, brass and more. Whether you want to express simple minimalism, lush and dramatic sophistication, or cozy warmth, Corian® is totally comfortable in its surroundings, complementing everything it touches.

Corian® also works well alone, using combinations of the many colors of its palette. These combinations can createcontrast. Define borders. Inlay textures. Layer color on color, tone on tone. The spectrum of possibilities is virtually endless.


Nicks. Stains. Cuts. Scratches. While these can permanently mar most other surfaces, they won’t compromise the appearance of Corian® solid surfaces. If damage does occur, Corian® can be repaired on site, saving both downtime and aggravation.

Non-Porous/Easy to Clean

Corian® solid surfaces are smooth and nonporous. As a result, they will not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria. And because it’s nonporous, liquids and stains can’t penetrate Corian®, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. Corian® is also nontoxic, and chemically nonreactive, with virtually no off-gassing at normal room temperatures, in accordance with building codes and other local restrictions.


Whether you cut Corian® to form an edge treatment…or renew any part of its surface…the color, texture and beauty you start with will remain constant over time. Because Corian® solid surfaces are just that: solid all the way through. And they remain that way, through years of use.

Lasting Value

Your Corian® installation will last a long, long time, postpning replacement and saving on tear-out costs. Because Corian® is engineered to last, it’s an investment that amortizes over time. Corian® solid surfaces are both durable and renewable. As a result, they retain their original appearance long after initial installation.

Design Considerations

To ensure the most satisfactory long-term performance for Corian® solid surfaces, please keep these considerations in mind as you decide where to install and use it:

  • Corian® is not designed to withstand extreme heat, such as the direct application of a hot pot or pan directly from the stove or oven; a trivet should always be used.
  • When combining Corian® with other materials near a stove, if heat resistance is of particular importance to you, it is usually advisable to place the more heat-resistant material, such as tile, adjacent to the stove.
  • Frequent cutting directly on a Corian® countertop is not recommended, although scratches from occasional cutting can be renewed or repaired.
  • Consider how much detail, such as inlays, will be used. Extensive inlays may limit the performance benefits of Corian® in the installation.
  • Some Colors of Corian® are not well suited for direct exposure to sunlight; check with your Authorized Retailer or Distributor of Corian® before making a final selection.
  • Certain substances will stain Corian®; these can usually be removed by renewing or repairing the material.