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Quartz Countertops


Radianz is a remarkable blend of natural quartz and advanced polymers.
The beauty and functionality of the product is unmatched by any other natural or synthetic materials. Radianz surface is composed of about 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in nature and they are combined with polyester resin and pigments, which gives the product superior performance. In addition to its resistance and durability, its aesthetic and decorative looks create a perfect kitchen, bathroom, and other interior designs, including commercial applications.

Scratch Resistant

Radianz surface is composed of about 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals found in nature. Thus, the Staron Quartz is substantially harder than granite and highly resistant to scratch. Consequently, most granite must be periodically sealed and maintained with proper care. However, Radianz requires no sealing and outperforms the product as a scratch resistant, which provides many years of its beauty and durability.

Heat Resistant

Radianz is highly resistant to heat damage. Normal exposure to temperatures associated with cooking would not damage it. You should always use a hot pad or a trivet to protect the surface from heated cookware


Radianz is a non-porous product. It is highly resistant to bacterial growth and stains such as red wine, cooking oil, and other spills. Thus, making the product virtually maintenance free, since, it doesn’t require sealing or periodic polishing.

Easy Routine Care

Although we say that the Radianz is virtually maintenance-free and highly scratch resistant, excessive force or pressure can harm its finish. Considering the beauty and its superb characteristics, small amount of care and maintenance will keep the Radianz countertop look as great as the day you bought it for years to come with proper care. You could simply wipe the top with warm water and a pH-neutral or non-abrasive cleaner, and rinse the top with clean water. For tough stains, please refer to the Radianz Care & Maintenance Guidelines.

15 Year Limited Warranty

We are confident in the quality of Radianz products. To ensure your satisfaction, Samsung is proud to offer a 15 years Limited Warranty during the first 15 years from the original date of installation. We will repair or replace without charge such products if it has failed due to a manufacturing defect. This warranty is transferable to a new homeowner within the period.

Consistant Color

Radianz is available in 30 colors with varied crystal sizes to complement nearly any kitchen designs. The production process for Radianz offers consistent and reliable color and uniform texture throughout the countertop. Natural stone choices such as granite vary in appearance making it difficult to match the chosen sample to the countertop.

  • Highly Impact resistant
  • Highly Stain and scratch resistant
  • Highly Flame resistant
  • Hygienic (does not support bacterial growth)
  • Non-porous (impervious to moisture)
  • NSF compliant (safe for contact with food)

Colors may very from on computer monitors. Please see showroom for exact color matches.